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A mountain of prophecies: hiking Spákonufell [journal]

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Skagaströnd is habitation to few things.  Its principal claim to fame is a powerful prophetess from the Icelandic sagas , Þordis , as well as the mount she climbed daily , Spákonufell: the prophetess’ mountain.

With a mount only behind the solid , Nicholas as well as I had been itching to get got the hike upwards since nosotros arrived inwards the hamlet I currently telephone telephone home.  However , Skagaströnd cops intense gusts of air current coming off the Arctic , then the hike had been pose off.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 promising forecast of nevertheless air only afterwards midnight meant that nosotros no longer had an excuse as well as , afterwards around creative somebody talks as well as dinner , nosotros fix off to brand the summit.

We were non alone.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 sporty-looking middle-aged college professor from New Bailiwick of Jersey , who was captivated yesteryear the esoteric , joined us.  So did an analogue lensman from Saskatoon , who develops her cinema inwards coffee.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 manlike somebody parent of 2 , as well as hubby of an Austrian creative somebody , overheard our plans as well as tagged along.  Shortly afterwards midnight nosotros ran into the blonde , blue-eyed drawer (who makes beautiful , whimsical operate inspired yesteryear her slumber paralysis) yesteryear the local church building , then she dropped her supplies inwards the studio as well as came alongside us , too.

Our eclectic niggling motley crew began to trudge upwards the mount only earlier 1am , as well as reached the summit yesteryear 3am.  There are 2 routes you lot tin give the axe get got – nosotros took the to a greater extent than hard i , partially yesteryear accident.  We don’t know which i Þordis (pronounced Thordis) took , but it in all probability wasn’t the i nosotros did.

As for Þordis , I should in all probability give you lot a flake of history (or myth , depending on who you lot ask).  The sagas state us that she was the starting fourth dimension resident of Skagaströnd , as well as that she climbed Spákonufell every solar daytime , to brush her pilus alongside a golden comb as well as survey the village.  Foreseeing her ain choke , she hid a breast filled alongside gilded as well as riches inwards the mount somewhere.  She prophesised that i solar daytime a adult woman would climb the mount without looking dorsum , as well as would notice the chest.  The adult woman volition non get got been baptised , as well as volition get got been raised on Equus caballus milk.  Upon finding the breast , 2 ravens volition appear to her , carrying the cardinal to the chest.

None of our rag-tag grouping matched that description (the Equus caballus milk matter actually throws a spanner inwards the works) then nosotros didn’t notice whatsoever treasure , but nosotros did notice a golden glow on the horizon , which was pretty special.